Change of date.

This post is going to be fairly brief. But we have been discussing the date of me moving to Italy and sadly have decided to extend this until at least the end of August. I have changed the counter on my page to reflect this. I was so sad seeing it go from 60 days to 113 days but it makes sense really. The whole of the world is shut down now due to this massive epidemic. We don’t know how long this is going to go on for. In fact, the current date will likely change again, depending on what happens. Yes Italy are slowly relaxing their lock down. No the UK are not. Wales has just extended it’s lock-down for another three weeks. My flights out to Italy at the end of May have been cancelled. I re-booked them for June. Even if these are not cancelled, I think trying to get everything sorted in one month with the country still not quite fully out of its lock-down will be nearly an impossible task.

This also gives me more time to save up. As I have not been working for the past couple of weeks due to self-isolating, it means I have fallen a little behind in my saving schedule. So more time to save is a bonus.

Also the lock-down means all of the language schools are closed down too. As I am hoping to get a job teaching English, this is another task that is impossible at the moment. Trying to find a job will simply have to wait. Extending the moving date gives me more time to allow the language schools to reopen and start taking applications again.

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