82 days to go! 82!!

82 days, 11 weeks or just under 3 months left before move date. So far I have organised.. well absolutely zero. I have applied for two jobs in total. I have started to organise my clothes, I have some boxes ready to pack. I actually did pack my large suitcase (full of my winter clothes) which is probably going to need to be condensed even further. I honestly thought I’d be a lot more prepared than this. My Italian is still around that A2/B1 level and doesn’t seem to be improving so much lately.

Now I am a person that likes to be well organised, months in advance, so you can imagine the level of stress this is having on me. When I think of how unprepared I actually am, I start to hyperventilate. But really, there is not a lot I can do.

The one thing I have managed to achieve is to research fully the process of actually moving there. But now that is done and my Italian seems to not be progressing, I have zero motivation anymore. So my days are filled with mindless scrolling through social media and watching youtube videos and Netflix. ARGH! HELP!

It’s time to hit reset. So here goes. Time to make a list of all the things I need to do. And then get it done!

The secret of getting things done is to act!

Dante Alighieri


  • Sort out my wardrobe (box things to donate/sell). Set aside stuff to take. THIS NEEDS TO ALL FIT INTO TWO SUITCASES!
  • Sort out my books! Why do I have so many books? Why? I don’t even read half of them. I will donate most of these to charity shops, and maybe try to sell some of my old nursing textbooks. I will be keeping all of my Italian books, and probably a selection of my recipe books.
  • Sort out and box my kitchen stuff – this is all in storage in my brother’s attic, and at the moment I am not allowed to go there due to our lock-down restrictions. Hmm.. dilemma.
  • Sort out my make-up and toiletries. This I actually did manage to achieve! YAY, GO ME! YOU ARE A STRONG, CAPABLE WOMAN AND CAN ACHIEVE THINGS! Ok ok… next…
  • Sort out all of my papers and notebooks (I have so much stuff leftover from uni. Why do I even need this?) A lot of this will be shredded and recycled. Some of then notebooks I may be able to salvage, even though I only really use my iPad to take notes now.
  • Miscellaneous items: Electronics, decorative items, and all the other stuff. This is probably the hardest section to tackle.
  • Research the best way to box up my PC. I have done a bit of this already, but I need to find the best method and to purchase any packaging material I may need. My PC will probably be one of the last things I pack, to be honest.
  • I need to do a dummy round of packing my stuff and weighing it, to get accurate quotes from the shipping company I will be using which is Pack link. I already got estimated quotes and I was pleasantly surprised with how cheap they were. My partner used this company when he moved to Spain and he recommended them.
  • SELL/DONATE all unwanted items. If I have items to sell, I need to do this fairly quickly, as they may take some time to sell.
  • I would like to get my boxes (to ship over) sorted by at least the 17th of August (apart from my PC). So this gives me… 10 weeks exactly from today.
  • Keep improving my Italian! I would love to get to a confident B1 level before moving, but I’m not sure this is attainable within the next 11 weeks. But I will try my darn hardest!
  • Exchange my money! I have no idea how I am going to do this! Really. I know there are some things you can use like transfer wise but I might just transfer it all to cash as I do not have a bank account in Italy yet. If I am transferring it to cash, I may need to do this in several transactions as I am not currently sure on the limit – CHECK THIS OUT ASAP!
  • Speaking of bank accounts.. which one do I want to use? I was torn between two choices. So I will try to decide between them. This doesn’t need to be done right away though.
  • Apply for more jobs (there are another 3 language schools I wanted to apply for) and finish the application for one of the schools which I have started (need to rewrite my CV for this). This needs to be done ASAP.
  • TODAY I am going to go through this list and try to organise it into relevant time frames, prioritising important tasks such as applying for jobs, more research etc. I may edit this post when it is done!

BTW, if anyone knows any decent resources for selling stuff (in the UK) like clothing, please leave a comment. I would be super-duper grateful. Otherwise, this will be me going to the airport in August!

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