My Italian Life?

Why the name change? I realised something. The whole intention behind starting this blog was purely to document my life in Italy. It was for my friends and family back home. It was so that they could keep track of what I am doing.

My idea for the blog was to document the places I see, the things I am doing, perhaps even some Italian cooking for you. I realise now, I started this blog too soon. What is there to write about when I am not even in Italy? I never wanted this blog to become a ‘how to move to Italy’ feature.
The days are going so quick, however. Looking at my countdown, I have just over two months before I will be living in an entirely new country. Two months before I will have to struggle to get by with a less than desirable level of language. Luckily, I will not be alone making this journey. As we have delayed my move, it now corresponds with the time my parents will be travelling to Italy. I am even on the same flight as them. The week I am moving to Italy is also important for another reason. It is my mothers birthday. I won’t tell you how old she will be, especially as she is likely to be reading this right now! (Pssst. She’s 21 of course).

That week will be extremely busy of course. Moving in (too our apartment I hope), as well as organising residency, Codice Fiscale’s, bank accounts etc. However, we are planning on doing some site-seeing, and getting to experience Puglia. I am envisioning day trips to Monopoli, getting lost in the little narrow streets, having a coffee at a bar, strolling down to the marina, and of course, having a gelato (it is Summer after all). Taking a trip to Alberobello, to see all of the Trulli’s and having a nice thick hot chocolate in the evening. Maybe a day trip to Lecce to gaze upon the magnificent baroque architecture. These are the kind of things I wanted to post about, pictures and memories of my time in Italy. To record all of the beautiful sights, and wonderful times I have there. And there is never a better time than to do this than when I am surrounded by all of my favourite people.
So here we are. This is my Italian life. Or it will be in two months and eight days.

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