Megan moves to Italy!

Finding work in Italy

My experience with finding work in Italy is mostly positive. Despite Italy having a high unemployment rate, especially compared to the UK, I feel it hasn’t been awfully difficult finding work in Italy. Although it depends on what type of employment you are searching for. Now if I wanted to carry on with my current… Continue reading Finding work in Italy

My Italian Life?

Why the name change? I realised something. The whole intention behind starting this blog was purely to document my life in Italy. It was for my friends and family back home. It was so that they could keep track of what I am doing. My idea for the blog was to document the places I… Continue reading My Italian Life?

Conditional Present

There are two conditional tenses in Italian – Conditional Present and Past Conditional. Both of these tenses are verbal modes that can be used to describe situations or actions that are conditioned by other actions or situations.The conditional present tense is used to express wishes either in the present or future tense, as well as… Continue reading Conditional Present

82 days to go! 82!!

82 days, 11 weeks or just under 3 months left before move date. So far I have organised.. well absolutely zero. I have applied for two jobs in total. I have started to organise my clothes, I have some boxes ready to pack. I actually did pack my large suitcase (full of my winter clothes)… Continue reading 82 days to go! 82!!

Italian bank accounts

Unicredit is a very popular choice amongst Italians. They have over 8,500 branches in most cities and towns in Italy, so you will be able to find a branch, or an ATM almost everywhere. Unicredit offer several different accounts with varying benefits and fees. For traditional bank accounts there are three levels – silver, gold… Continue reading Italian bank accounts

How to move to Italy.

Always dreamed of a life in ‘Il bel paese’? Want to make the move but don’t know how? I was in the same situation just a few months ago. Here is all of the information I have managed to gather over the past year. Do I need a visa? This depends entirely on where you… Continue reading How to move to Italy.

The imperative

Using the imperative in Italian allows us to either; Give a command or an order, scold or reprimand a person or to ask somebody to do something. To form the imperative of regular verbs you replace the infinite endings (-are, -ere, -ire) with the endings listed below. -ARE Tu -a Lui/lei/Lei – i Noi –… Continue reading The imperative


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