Studying with Netflix.

So, I have been reading blogs from polyglots and one post really stood out to me. It was about studying with Netflix.

I have already been using Netflix as a good resource for passive language learning. I changed the language to Italian, and watch all my TV shows in Italian with English subtitles.

However, I discovered through this blog article that you can get a chrome extension called Language Learning with Netflix.

The blog post above explains all so check it out. I don’t want to explain it in details here.

However, it basically works by providing you the option to watch shows in Netflix with subtitles in both your native and target language.

The way that The Malaysian Polyglot used it was by first watching an episode or film etc. with both subtitles. Then she studied the vocabulary she didn’t know before watching it again with just subtitles in her target language. Finally she watches it without any subtitles.

There is also ways to download the transcripts I believe, and then print them off.

This is something that I am going to definitely try so thank you so much for the blog.